02/25/2013: Second Assembly of the National network to end VAW and DV

The National Network to end violence against women and domestic violence held its second Assembly on 2/20/2013. 24 network representatives from 20 member organizations attended the meeting.

The executive director opened the Second Assembly of the National network with defining the points of discussion and work agenda. The following documents were reviewed and amended at this Assembly: Rules of Communication, which establishes the standards and rules in mutual communication between the network members, Code of Conduct, which sets mandatory standards of conduct for the Network members, Form for Trainers / Experts, which aims to gather data regarding the internal capacities of the National Network, so that they can be properly used,  and Form for reported cases of violence against women, having the purpose of unification and standardization of data on violence against women collected from network members.

Upon adoption of these documents, applications for membership of new organizations were reviewed, and a need for amendments of the Statute in membership articles emerged, due to which existing requirements for membership in the network were put on hold. At the end, the Assembly considered and adopted the proposal for membership fee as emergency fund of the Network.






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