05.01.2015: Promotion on Manual for Gender Democracy for peer educators

On April 30th in Journalists’ Club, Skopje, promotion of “Manual for Gender Democracy for peer educators” was organized. This is the final activity of the project “From Gender Inequality to Gender Democracy”. The manual is available in Macedonian, Albanian and English. Coordinator of the project team presented the project activities and objectives. Further presented was […]

22.03.2015: Independent workshops of the participants on training for peer education on topic “ Gender Democracy”

As part of the project “From gender inequality to gender democracy” supported by Schuler,Helfen,Leben, high school students, participants of the first training as a follow up activity after the training organized and conducted independent workshops as peer educators on topic “ Gender Democracy”. Peer educators held workshops in Skopje, Kumanovo, Tetovo, Gostivar and Bitola. The […]

03/05/2015:Trainings for peer educators on “Gender Democracy”

The project of National network to end violence against women and domestic violence “From gender inequality to Gender Democracy” started with implementing in September 2014 and will due to May 2015. This project is supported by Shuler Helfen Leben, Germany. Within the project activities, trainings for peer educators on topic “Gender Democracy” were conducted, which […]


On 25 November last year, we announced protests every 25th  of the month until our request are heard and the state undertake concrete steps towards enhancing protection of women victims of domestic violence and establishing a framework for the protection of all forms of gender-based violence. Until now, we didn’t receive any response from the […]

01/19/2015: Nineteen young peer educators for Gender democracy

Nineteen students from different municipalities in Macedonia attended on the second training for peer educators on a subject „Gender Democracy“, in Etno Selo, Kumanovo organized by the National Network to end violence against women and domestic violence. During the training, through thematic working groups, the participants identified key subjects that relate to gender democracy. Besides […]

12.12.2014:Call for participant in training for peer educator

  National network to end violence against women and domestic violence invites all students of social sciences and high school students to apply for participant in three day training for peer educator on topic “Gender democracy”. We encourage all interested who want to improve their knowledge on this topic to fill the application form and […]

10.10.2014: Third Assembly of the National Network to End Violence against Women and Domestic Violence

The third Assembly of the National Network to End Violence against Women and Domestic Violence took place on 08.10.2014 (Wednesday) in Skopje. The meeting was attended by 11 members of the network. The Assembly was opened by the President, Sanela Shkrijelj, by defining the discussion points and the work agenda. According to the agenda, the […]

10/10/2013: Chosen Best Youth Initiative “ZOOM GENDER BASED VIOLENCE”

On the contest for Best Youth Initiative, the three member committee elected the initiative of the youth team from Veles titled „ZOOM gender based violence”. As part of the activities of this initiative teaser campaign on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/zumiraj was conducted and a blog was activated http://zoommladinskainicijativa.wordpress.com/ . Aim of the blog is young people to have space where they can share […]

04/ 16/ 2014: Training on topic “Perform Your Identity”

In the period from 06th to 13th of April 2014, members of the National Network to end violence against women and domestic violence, attended the training organized by the group “Let’s…” from Serbia, for performance art entitled “Perform Your Identity”. At this international seven day training took part participants from Iceland, Serbia, Italy, Bosnia and […]

12/08/2013: Promotion of publication “Minimum Standards for NGOs for adequate protection and quality services to women victims of domestic violence”

Macedonian Women’s Rights Center – Shelter center Skopje on 12/05/2013, starting at 11:00 am at Gate Hotel, Skopje held a thematic meeting on “Minimum Standards for NGOs adequate protection for women victims of domestic violence.” Opening remarks besides representatives from MWRC-Shelter Centre Skopje had representatives from the local office of UN Women in Skopje. On […]

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