About us

National Network to End Violence against Women and Domestic Violence “Voice against Violence” was formed on December 7, 2010, by 20 civil society organizations dealing with the issue of violence against women and domestic violence, working in the field of prevention and protection from violence against women.

The mission of the Network is to coordinate the actions of the civil society organizations in order to improve the policies and practices for dealing with the issue of violence against women and domestic violence. The Network strives for recognition of women’s human rights and their promotion in the Republic of Macedonia. 

Our vision is creation of a society free of violence where women would be able to fully realize their potentials and contribute in a society of equal opportunities.

The organizations members of the Network are diverse, from small grass-root organizations working locally to big organizations working on national level. Our members are of diverse ethnic background and provide support to women from all ethnic groups.

Our approach to violence against women and domestic violence is based on the recognition and protection of women’s rights in accordance with the relevant international conventions and declarations; gender-sensitive approach to violence against women and domestic violence; condemnation of any gender-based violence; advocacy for the interests of women victims; access based on functional practices; solidarity and cooperation between member organizations; and transparency in the work of the Network.


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