7.07.2020: British Embassy is supporting the Women’s Intervention Fund

The Women’s Intervention Fund, with the support of the British Embassy, is providing financial and material help for women victims of violence. We are calling upon all women who need help and support to contact the National Network to end violence against women and domestic violence.

In addition to the regular services for free legal and psychological help that the Network offers to victims who have left or plan to leave a violent environment, with these funds we help provide help with paying the monthly rent and bills, medical documentation for injuries caused by violence, assistance with costs for a lawyer in legal processes, but also for food and hygiene kits and products for babies and children, as well as medicines and therapies.

The funds are intended for all women who have survived violence and who:

-have left the violent environment or need support to leave the violent environment;

-are financially unstable or in social risk;

-are in risk of becoming homeless.

The opening and promotion of the fund took place as part of the global campaign “16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence” in 2017.

The idea for this fund came after the donation from the former mayor of municipality of Centar in 2017, Andrej Zhernovski, with a reallocation of funds from the March 8 celebration. This is also the first donation to the Intervention Women’s Fund.


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