04/27/2012: AWID Forum 2012 – Transformation of the economic power in the Advancement of Women Rights and justice

At the AWID Forum, a representative of the Network was one of 2200 participants which was held from 19 – 22 April 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey. The main focus was put on the economic empowerment of women and their greater involvement in the decision-making and policy making process.

More than 240 sessions were held during the Forum that covered different issues which affect women from all of the world through panel discussions, screening of documentary films, art exhibitions, open sessions with representatives of donor foundations etc.

Among other things, the Young Feminist Fond (FRIDA) was promoted, which objective is to support the organizations and the initiatives led by young women. One part of the premises was devoted for relaxation and achieving wellbeing as an important segment for daily functioning of women.

On the second day of the Forum (20 April), a special program was held marking the of 30th Anniversary of the Association for development of women’s rights (AWID).

On the last day of the Forum, after the final address which summarized the tasks and the challenges of the participants, all the participants joined the marsh for political, economic and social rights of women, expressing their support to the Turkish organizations. Around 1500 were a part of the peaceful protest at the Taksim Square.

The forum is organized every four years in one of the countries member of the Association of women’s rights (AWID).

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