03/27/2013: Educative workshops for youth on topics related to Gender based violence

After the two meetings of the working group within the Network, in the following two months, 30 educational workshops with young people, high school and university students on topics related to gender-based violence and domestic violence will be conducted.  Aim of these workshops is improving the knowledge of young people about this negative phenomenon and increasing the level of their active involvement in fight against all forms of violence against women.

Educational workshops are planned to be held in 5 cities in the Republic of Macedonia: Veles, Kumanovo, Radovish, Bitola and Skopje. The duration of a workshop will be two hours and it is planned to bring together around 20 young people. The total number of youth who will attend these workshops is around 600 people.

The educative workshops will comprise the following topics: definitions of the concept of sex, gender, gender roles, gender identity and gender socialization, gender stereotypes, gender prejudice and gender discrimination, myths and facts about gender based violence. The workshops are planned to be interactive, giving an opportunity for the participants to be engaged, and making examples in order to elucidate the working concepts. At the end of the workshops, the members will work out a practical exercise, in order to recognize the type of gender based violence in individual case studies. In order to upkeep the workshops easier and well adjusted, the working group developed materials presenting the topics mentioned above, definitions and exercises.

This activity is part of the project “Advocating for improved policies / strategies on ending violence against women” supported by local office of UNWOMEN in Skopje.


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