25.04.2018: Women’s Intervention Fund – donations and expenditures

Women’s Intervention Fund was opened with the purpose of collecting donations for help and assistance to women who are victims of violence and who want to escape the violent environment. The initial assistance provided to the women consists of: food, hygiene products, medicine, legal assistance, and all that women might need in the first moments after escaping the violent environment.

Besides the first donation from the previous mayor of the Municipality of Centar, with which the Fund was opened, other donations are:
– individuals (19,400 Den.)
– legal entities (6,000 Den.)
– Local Self-Government (50,000 Den.)

Until now, financial support from the Fund was provided for:
– food and hygiene products for one woman and her 3 children who are victims of violence, on a monthly basis;
– food and baby products for one woman who is a victim of violence;
– attorney fees in divorce proceedings for two women victims of violence.

Telephone numbers for donations: OneVIP – 143 477; Telekom – 143 300

Account: Voice against Violence 200003247799194, Stopanska Banka AD – Skopje


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