04/22/2013: Working meeting for amendments on Law for free legal aid

Two network members attended the meeting of the working group within the Ministry of Justice held on 04/10/2013, formed for preparation of amendments on Law for Free Legal Aid. Existing Law for free legal aid has some shortcomings that complicate or disable the provision of this service by the CSOs. This especially applies on too high criteria for registration in the Register of organizations that provide free legal assistance, which is a service that CSOs are providing for domestic violence victims for more than six years. On the other hand, the victims themselves have difficulties in exercising this right of free legal aid because of failure to meet the set criteria. Tended to lobby for change of the existing Law for FLA, working group within the National network was established and prepared draft amendments to this Law. Letter requesting participation in the working group within the Ministry of Justice was sent to the Minister Mr. Bedzeti.  For less than one week positive response was received and two representatives from the Network were invited to attend the working meetings in the Ministry for justice and to present the proposals for amendments prepared from the working group within the Network.

Until the end of May a few more meetings of the working group within the Ministry of Justice will be held in order to define the amendments on the Law for FLA, which should be prepared and sent for review no later than the beginning of June, 2013.


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