22.03.2015: Independent workshops of the participants on training for peer education on topic “ Gender Democracy”

As part of the project “From gender inequality to gender democracy” supported by Schuler,Helfen,Leben, high school students, participants of the first training as a follow up activity after the training organized and conducted independent workshops as peer educators on topic “ Gender Democracy”.

Peer educators held workshops in Skopje, Kumanovo, Tetovo, Gostivar and Bitola. The workshops were attended by about 250 young high school students.

Participants conducted independent workshops on topics related to gender democracy: gender stereotypes and prejudices, gender based violence, Gender discrimination, violence in intimate relationships, discrimination, sex, gender, gender socialization and gender roles and gender democracy”.

Peer education is proving to be an effective method, especially on sensitive topics such as gender democracy. The practice shows that young people easily accept new values if the information are coming from their peers, they perceive as similar to them, as opposed to adult educators. In Macedonian society instead of progress, set back years pretending to regress in terms of gender democracy, training peer educators is completely justified and necessary.



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