03/16/2013: Accomplished partnership with the Institute for Sociological and Political – Legal Research

National Network to end violence against women and domestic violence sighed a Memorandum of Understanding on 13.03.2013 for activities related to  monitoring of court proceedings in domestic violence cases with the Institute for Sociological, Political – Legal Research.

Motivated by the need and necessity of an active role of CSOs in improvement of the efficiency of the system for protection of domestic violence victims, National network and ISPPI with this memorandum defined the cooperation on issues relevant for promotion and advancement. Aware of the need for scientifically based data in combating this phenomenon, especially issues regarding cultivation of prejudice and traditions, National network and ISPPI advocate within its capabilities, to facilitate effective functioning of the system for preventing and combating domestic violence and respecting the victims’ rights and freedoms.

The first in a series of planned joint projects is the implementation of the project entitled “Monitoring of court proceedings in domestic violence cases”, which will be implemented in the next six months. The goal of this project is to determine the characteristics of the processing in domestic violence cases in court system. In this sense, the focus will be on the situation of victims of all aspects (sensibility of judges, access to free legal aid, existence of discrimination and gender-based prejudices, support and protection of victims etc.).


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