14.12.2018: School for Women`s Activism

The National Network, with the support of the Municipality of Centar, organized a School for Women`s Activism. The aim of this activity was to further educate girls aged 15-18 on topics related to gender equality and gender-based violence.

The workshops were organized on weekends during the months of October and November. The topics covered during the school included: gender ideals, gender stereotypes, discrimination, power, privilege and equality, gender-based violence and women`s activism. Each of the workshops was attended by one lecturer/guest – a feminist from a woman`s organization. The last weekend involved a walk around the territory of the Municipality of Centar during which the school participants and the Network`s team identified gender problems and developed gender initiatives.

The joint discussion gave birth to two initiatives: conducting peer education (by each of the candidates in her school/class) and filming a video for identifying gender identification. As a follow-up to the activities that ensued from the gender initiatives, i.e. after the completion of the gender education and filming and editing of the gender-discrimination video, each of the participants in the School was awarded with a certificate.


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