10.12.2018: Training for Operators of the National Helpline for Counseling on Positive Parenting

As part of the project supported by UNICEF for establishing a National Helpline for Counseling on Positive Parenting, the National Network to End Violence against Women and Domestic Violence conducted two trainings for selection and training of operators who will work on the helpline.

The first training was held on 23-24 November in the Hotel Porta, Skopje. During this training, the candidates were introduced to the concept of positive parenting, including the styles of raising a child, the positive parenting challenges in children and adolescents, the operators` communication skills and the approach to working with children-victims of domestic violence. The aim of the training was to shortlist candidates who would take part in the second training. The training was conducted by the psychologists: Aleksandra Prosheva, Despina Stojanovska and Marija Stefanovska.

The second training was held on 7-9 December 2018 in Hotel Romantique, Veles. This training gave the shortlisted candidates an opportunity to gain additional knowledge about the entire process of communication over the phone and the principles of phone counseling, as well as participate in practical exercises. The training was conducted by: Aleksandra Prosheva, Despina Stojanovska, Snezhana Mishevska and Nevena Petrovska. The training was also used to present and comment on the documents prepared for the operation of the National Helpline, with the participants having an opportunity to provide their input for their amendment.  As a follow-up, the experts involved in the training finalized the Rulebook and the Program for Operation on the National Helpline for Positive Parenting.


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