10.06.2020: Where’s the money for women’s rights? – funding trends in the Western Balkans

That’s the topic of discussion in this brand new Report on funding trends for women’s civil society organisations in the Western Balkans.

The EU and other donors are committed to furthering gender equality in the Western Balkans but the needs of women’s civil society organisations are far from being met.

The research was conducted in 2019 in six Western Balkan countries, by eight women’s organisations (among which was the National network to end violence against women and domestic violence), led by the Kosova Women’s Network, supported by The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation. It includes interviews with 71 funders and 241 diverse WCSOs.

The report was launched and discussed at a public online event, among more than 100 attendees on June 9, where our executive director Elena Dimushevska shared some of the achievements of the WCSOs in North Macedonia. Some of them include the ratification of the Istanbul Convention in 2017 and the adoption of the new Law on abortion in 2019. She also pointed out that WCSOs play a key role in the operative context of the specialized services for women victims of domestic and gender-based violence.

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