09.03.2020: “It’s not your fault!” – Women’s Rights March on the International Women’s Day

“Patriarchy is my judge and it judges me for being born, as a punishment it gives me the violence you don’t see. It’s not my fault that I went there, or how I was dressed. The rapist is you!”

On March 8, together with the Platform for Gender Equality and women’s rights activists, paying respect to the previous victories of women for gender equality, but aware of the social phenomena and systemic shortcomings that threaten our existence as free, equal, dignified and safe citizens of our society, this year we marched under the slogan “It’s not your fault!”

Provoked by the “Public Room” case, we dedicated this march loudly and unequivocally to the victims of all forms of gender-based violence, celebrating every struggle, every resistance and every voice.

At the Philip II square, we read the Declaration of Women’s Rights, where we called for the introduction of comprehensive sexuality education in Northern Macedonia, adequate, timely and effective prevention, protection and support for victims of gender-based violence by all institutions that are part of the protection system, as well as for strict sanctions of all violence-related actions.

There is no quick fix, but gender equality as a value must be imperative in upbringing and education. Therefore, as a signatory to the Istanbul Convention (Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence), our country is obliged to take all existing measures in all cases of gender-based violence.

We ended the march in the park “Zena Borec”, where we had a final performance, presenting an adaptation of the song “The rapist is you!” which grew into a worldwide anthem of the injustices and gender-based violence against women.

Photos by: Vancho Dzambaski


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