03.02.2021: Local women’s organizations advocate for the establishment of reintegration services for women victims of domestic violence

During 2021, continuing the work from the past 2 years, the National Network to end Violence against Women and Domestic Violence, together with 6 women civil society organizations from the region, continues to work intensively on the establishment of services for reintegration of women victims of violence and domestic violence in local level.

Within the framework of the project “Institutionalization of quality services for rehabilitation and integration of victims of violence” funded by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), the Network this year, through a sub-granting process is providing support to 8 local women’s organizations: Semper Bitola, ZGI Klea, Women’s Organization of the Municipality of Veles, Women’s Organization of the Municipality of Sveti Nikole, Women’s Action Radovish, Skaj Plus Strumica, Visija Kavadarci and Cortex Tetovo. These organizations will work in Bitola, Prilep, Veles, Sveti Nikole, Radovish, Strumica, Kavadarci and Tetovo.

The reintegration and rehabilitation of women who survived violence and left the violent environment is a key process for achieving their full empowerment and independence, as well as not getting back with abuser or re-entering into a violent relationship due to economic dependence. The establishment of local reintegration services prevents future violence against women and children, enabling them to step out of the role of victim and become active actors in all social processes.

Reintegration services include safe assisted housing, long-term financial support, economic empowerment and career counseling, psychosocial counseling and treatment, as well as advancing education and acquiring new skills. The key role of reintegration is confirmed in the new Law on Elimination and Protection from Violence against Women and Domestic Violence in Article 99, which declares the production of Program for reintegration of women victims of violence and domestic violence.

The activities that will be implemented locally in 8 cities throughout North Macedonia include: Assessment of the needs of women victims at the local level, creating local Reintegration Programs for women Victims, and advocacy with competent Institutions for allocation of funds and establishment of reintegration services.


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