02/01/2013: OPEN CALL for application for organizations in the capacity building program

Educational humanitarian organization ECHO – Stip, a member of the National Network to end violence against women and domestic violence announced:


for application of organizations for capacity building program within the project

“Standardization of legal aid services which civil society organizations are providing to domestic violence  victims”

The main purpose of the project is to establish, promote and implement a model that will improve the quality and allow a standardized provision of free legal aid services provided by civil society organizations, which are legitimate providers of the free legal assistance to victims of domestic violence.

The project provides an opportunity for the organizations that work in this field in our country, to work together to improve the legal aid services and standardization of the same, which is consistent with current developments in the field of dealing with violence against women, specifically in accordance with the provisions  of the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, which clearly states that non-governmental organizations are key providers of specialized services as response to violence against women.

Also, the project purposes are compatible with the goals and purposes of the National Strategy for the Prevention and Protection from Domestic Violence 2012-2015, which provides guidance to increase public awareness of domestic violence and improve the quality of services for victims,   promote coordination between institutions and standardization of services.

In order to achieve project objectives, ECHO implemented a range of activities, including operation of the training center for capacity building of civil society organizations in order to gain the status of a standardized providers of free legal aid to victims of domestic violence, as well as the Advisory Body for Certification of free legal aid services that CSOs provide to victims of domestic violence, whose role consists of evaluating, certifying and monitoring the quality of services to those civil society organizations that fulfill certain specified standards, and which are  in accordance with the recommendations of the Council of Europe. More information can be found at the following link:



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